The Crucial Role of HR Policies in a Business Environment

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June 6, 2023

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Kylie Thomas

HR policies are the backbone of a successful business, outlining the rights, responsibilities, and procedures that guide employees and management alike. However, the complexity and legal jargon often accompanying these policies can be overwhelming, leading to misunderstandings and, in some cases, legal challenges. A recent Fair Work Commission hearing in Australia highlighted this issue, ruling that an employee’s dismissal was unfair due to the company’s “long, complex, and legalistic” policy manual.

This case serves as a vital reminder for business owners about the importance of simplified HR policies, not just to avoid legal repercussions, but to foster better understanding and adherence among employees.

Understanding the Consequences of Complex HR Policies

The hearing found that the policy breached by the employee was so convoluted that it only made sense to copyright lawyers and IT specialists, leaving the average employee perplexed. Unfortunately, such scenarios are not uncommon. The use of complex, technical, and verbose language in policy documents may seem thorough, but it does little good if the intended audience — the employees — struggle to comprehend them.

Robin Young, Partner at Holman Webb Lawyers, maintains that implementing understandable policies requires a “common-sense approach.” While there is no legal requirement for businesses to educate employees about company policies, keeping them in the loop can prevent misunderstandings, foster a more informed workforce, and reduce the likelihood of legal disputes.

The Benefits of Communicating Clear HR Policies to Employees

Introducing new employees to your company’s HR policies and procedures during their induction is a great way to ensure they hit the ground running. This could be achieved by directly providing them with relevant documents or guiding them to where these resources can be accessed. Moreover, employees should be notified whenever there are changes to policies and procedures, and it’s recommended that workforce training be held at least annually.

Keeping records of all training sessions is another crucial step. These records should include the specifics of the training each employee has received. This not only promotes transparency but can also serve as a useful reference in the event of a dispute.

The Necessity of Simplified HR Policies

Simplicity is key when crafting HR policies. Documents laden with complex terms and lengthy, technical explanations do more harm than good. Employees should not need a law degree to understand the rules and regulations that govern their workplace. By breaking down these policies into straightforward, understandable language, businesses can ensure their employees are fully informed and able to comply with the policies in place.

Policies as a Part of Induction and Ongoing Training

Emphasizing policies during induction and ongoing training is a fundamental way to promote understanding and compliance. Tailoring this process to your business size and type is also important. Larger businesses may benefit from utilizing external trainers, while smaller enterprises might find it more practical to handle training internally, led by managers, operational staff, or HR professionals.

Navigating the Future with Simplified HR Policies

In conclusion, clear and simplified HR policies are essential for maintaining a well-informed and compliant workforce. Not only do they help prevent legal disputes, but they also contribute to a more transparent and understanding work environment. By investing the time and resources into simplifying and clearly communicating these policies, businesses can empower their employees and pave the way for future success.

If you’re seeking to simplify your HR policies and procedures, now is the time to act. Contact us today for expert advice and assistance in crafting clear, comprehensible policies that benefit both your business and your employees.

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