Long Service Leave Factsheet
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What’s Inside?

This factsheet provides a detailed overview of long service leave entitlements across different Australian states. It covers accrual rates, conditions under which leave can be taken, casual worker entitlements, and specific conditions for leave in advance of entitlement. Additionally, it outlines the regulations for long service leave during illness, leave cash-out provisions, and re-employment considerations.

Why You’ll Love It

This factsheet is perfect for business owners, HR managers, and professionals in industries with a high prevalence of long-term employees. It is particularly beneficial for companies in sectors such as retail, hospitality, construction, and healthcare, where understanding and managing long service leave is crucial for compliance and employee satisfaction.

Who it’s Perfect For

You’ll appreciate the clarity this factsheet offers on the complex regulations of long service leave in Australia. It provides specific details for each state, ensuring you have the necessary information to comply with local laws. This resource is invaluable for employers and HR professionals to manage leave entitlements effectively, avoid legal pitfalls, and ensure fair treatment of employees.

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